People watching – everybody does it. We approached passengers at Cologne/Bonn Airport, asking: Who’s your favorite traveling companion?

Dietmar Fleidl-Koch, consultant, at Cologne/Bonn airport

Dietmar Fleidl-Koch, consultant: "My sons, Magnus and Noah, are both inquisitive and have sunny dispositions, which made our trip to Thailand lots of fun!“

© Majid Moussavi
Iris Marx, TV journalist, at Cologne/Bonn Airport

Iris Marx, TV journaslit: "I’m happiest traveling with my son Ali, of course. The last trip we took was to Cape Town, to visit a friend.“

© Majid Moussavi
Lennard Hulsbos, strategic designer, at Cologne/Bonn Airport

Lennard Hulsbos, strategic designer: "My dog, Kira. We were in northern Spain recently, where I went surfing and she watched from the shore.“

© Majid Moussavi
Kwasi Enyan, musicien, at Cologne/Bonn Airport

Kwasi Enyan, musicien: "A special atmosphere surrounds us when I travel with my band. Together, we often come up with new ideas for our music.“

© Majid Moussavi
Julika Rabe, retail administrator, at Cologne/Bonn Airport

Julika Rabe, retail administrator: „My favorite person to travel with is my mother because it gives us an opportunity to finally spend some time together.“

© Majid Moussavi
Alecia Gabriel, engineer, at Cologne/Bonn Airport

Alecia Gabriel, engineer: "My husband Dameon. Traveling together, like to Mexico recently, connects us, and has done so since we met."

© Majid Moussavi