People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few people at Vienna Airport and asked them where they would choose to live if they were to emigrate.

Anette Kellner, entrepreneur, at Vienna Airport

ANETTE KELLNER, entrepreneur:
No question about it, I’d go back to Jamaica, the place I was born. The Caribbean is my home, the place my heart beats for.

© Markus Thums
Josef Schweiger at Vienna Airport

JOSEF SCHWEIGER, telecom electrician:
I don’t want to emigrate because I am perfectly happy living in Styria, Austria. I live where others come on vacation.

© Markus Thums
Sarvin Hazin, student, at Vienna Airport

SARVIN HAZIN, student:
I don’t need to emigrate; I already did that two years ago: from Iran to Vienna.

© Markus Thums
Oliver Kana, physician, at Vienna Airport

OLIVER KANA, physician:
My absolute dream home would be Sydney. A fascinating city! I’m sure I would soon find a job there, too.

© Markus Thums
Hye Jin Yoon, teacher, at Vienna Airport

HYE JIN YOON, teacher:
I dream of living on the South Korean island of Jejudo. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and incredibly beautiful.

© Markus Thums
Matteo Locci, Artist, at Vienna Airport

To Buenos Aires. I feel totally at home there because I can be who I am, I don’t have to put on a front for people.

© Markus Thums