Gate-Check: Dusseldorf


People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few people at Dusseldorf ­Airport to ask them: Where will you be watching the soccer World Cup?

Obed Bassaw-Donkoh, Gate Check Düsseldorf

Obed Bassaw-Donkoh, student
We have a giant TV in the shared house where I live in Tilburg in the Netherlands, and that’s where everyone will come to watch!

© Majid Moussavi
Tina Uzarashvili, social media manager, Gate Check Düsseldorf

Tina Uzarashvili, social media manager
I live in Kirov, Russia, where my father will be organizing little soccer parties this summer for family and friends.

© Majid Moussavi
Claudia Moesta artist, Gate Check Düsseldorf

Claudia Moesta, artist
I love public screenings! My tip is the Westfallenhalle venue in Dortmund. There’s always a really good atmosphere there.

© Majid Moussavi
Minna Salami journalist, Gate Chef Düsseldorf

Minna Salami, journalist
I’ll be in Nigeria in June. Freedom Park in Lagos puts on concerts and film evenings, and I’m hoping they’ll also broadcast soccer this summer.

© Majid Moussavi
Maximilian Zur, student, Gate Check Düsseldorf

Maximilian Zur, student
I always watch soccer games with my three best buddies in the bars and restaurants of the trendy Malasaña district in Madrid.

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