Illustration Cristóbal Schmal
© Cristóbal Schmal

Around the world in five covers

We asked acclaimed artists from five continents to design a front cover for our anniversary issue. Here, they reveal what inspired them.


Craig and Karl

New York/London

“Twenty years are a great reason to celebrate, and this is what our illustration conveys. We want readers to feel joy and optimism when they see our design, and that’s why we chose bold, punchy colors.”



Christoph Niemann


“My favorite time at the beach is the evening, when it gets cooler. The best thing is the light. The sight of the low horizon, the sparkling reflections on the water and the bathers’ silhouettes is wonderful.”



Cape Town

“I wanted to capture the beauty of Cape Town and show that the home city of our MUTI agency and nature can co-exist peace­fully. Travelling means exploring new things and constantly experiencing little surprises.”



Cristóbal Schmal

Santiago de Chile

“The picture is a mixture of images from various travel ­stories I have illustrated for Lufthansa Magazin in the past. Now, I know my way around geography! To travel means to explore the unknown and discover new aspects of oneself.”


Wakana Yamazaki


“My picture shows a phoenix, a bird that is considered very auspicious in Asia, as well as a collection of Japanese characters who have set off in a joyful group to celebrate Lufthansa Magazin’s 20th birthday.”