People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few people at Munich Airport and asked them to describe their most memorable meal away from home.

Jennifer Klein, entrepreneur, at Munich airport

Jennifer Klein, entrepreneur: „I got married in the French ski resort Chamonix, where we ate raclette in an incredibly romantic setting.“

© Elias Hassos
Rina Rasolofoniaina, Content Manager

Rina Rasolofoniaina, Content Manager: “My father and I caught a fish on a boat trip in Madagascar, which we later cooked and ate. So fresh!“

© Elias Hassos
Hannes Streeck, CEO, at Munich Airport

Hannes Streeck, CEO: “The street noodles I had in Kunming, China, which cost roughly 70 cents – the perfect blend of soy sauce, peanuts and chilis!“

© Elias Hassos
Yue Gan, software engineer, at Munich airport

Yue Gan, software engineer: “When I was in Tokyo, all the food was fantastic, but I liked the Japanese curry best.“

© Elias Hassos
Silvia Kancheva, brand manager, at Munich Airport

Silvia Kancheva, brand manager: “I ate the best doner kebab of my life in a small place near the Bosporus when I was in Istanbul two years ago.“

© Elias Hassos
Paulo Alberto Dos Santos, dancer, at Munich Airport

Paulo Alberto Dos Santos, dancer: “Acarajé, traditional Brazilian bean fritters, taste unbeatably good on the streets of Salvador de Bahia.“

© Elias Hassos