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© Disney Artist: Ferran Rodriguez

Ducks ahoy!


The Gurgleurp’s on ice, all ready to toast Donald Duck on his 85th birthday! Our congratulations come in form of a portrait of Duckburg, his hometown – with plenty of ideas for a unique city break.

No one stood beside this duckling’s nest and sang him a lullaby of future stardom, but when Donald Duck stepped into the world on June 9, 1934, in the cartoon The Wise Little Hen, an entire universe ballooned around the shoeless, trouserless drake: Duckburg! Its keenest chroniclers, Carl Barks, Don Rosa and Daan Jippes among them, contributed countless reports (described in utter ignorance by some as “comics”). As the ageless 85-year-old duck’s birthday approaches, it seems only right to propose his hometown as a travel destination.

Only, where exactly is it? In the U.S. no doubt, since Duckburgers revere as the city’s founding father a certain Cornelius Coot, whom they always depict as a Pilgrim Father with an armful of corn; and they celebrate Thanksgiving. The port’s actual location is, however, disputed: The Californian coast is as likely a candidate as New England, where the first European settlers landed. After much source research, the science of Donaldism (yes, it’s a thing), on the other hand, insists that the ducks’ home can be found on a second earth strongly resembling our own: Stella anatium, Star of the Ducks.

If that is so, then no kerosene will be required to power our journey to that parallel universe, just our imagination. This is why, on the following pages, duck fans will find all kinds of fantastic suggestions for an imaginary visit to the city on the Tulebug River. And for all those of you who would like to gear up for the trip on Donald Duck’s birthday, the Disney Channel will be dedicating its entire day’s program on June 9 to the star in the sailor jacket.



Ducks ahoy!
© Disney Artist: Ferran Rodriguez


The City Museum’s prize piece

Scrooge McDuck shows the source of his fantasticatillions, the very first of his normally jealously guarded dollars. (It’s a dud ducat, obviously.)




Ducks ahoy!
© Disney Artist: Ferran Rodriguez

City tour with Donald 

Because he’s always broke, Donald will be working even on his birthday, taking visitors to the scenes of his 17 one-day jobs. Wear marathon shoes.

Duckburg excavation 

The remains of Fort Duckburg dating from 1579 were discovered near the Money Bin. To Scrooge McDuck’s horror, the Beagle Boys are placed in charge of the dig. There’s trouble on the way!

Notre Duck Cathedral 

With this Gothic cathedral at its heart, Duckburg is on a par with Cologne, Vienna, and Paris, home of the unfortunate namesake – except that Duckburg’s boasts a phantom!



Ducks ahoy!
© Disney Artist: Ferran Rodriguez


Water sports 

Duckburg favorites include swimming, sailing, surfing and water skiing (despite the flop-piness of duck feet). The latest craze: stand-up paddling on the Tulebug.

Birthday creativity and DIY

On June 9, the Beagle Boys are holding a sawing, filing and explosives workshop, while inventor Gyro Gearloose is promising his seminar participants a groundbreaking invention to take home and never use. No instructions provided.

Real-world challenge 

Huey, Dewey and Louie have put together an outdoor program that permits participants to consult only the Junior Woodchucks’ Guidebook. It’s a true digital detox for millennials with a smartphone addiction.



Ducks ahoy!
© Disney Artist: Ferran Rodriguez

Gurgleurp for grown-ups

Duckburg’s favorite soda can now be enjoyed as a craft beer mixer in the flavors Klondike (golden in color, recalling Scrooge McDuck’s golddigger days) and Old Scotch (malty-musty finish), a tribute to the heritage of the ducks, whose ancestors hailed from Duckenburgh in Scotland.

Timbuk tea 

Every time Donald and Gyro Gearloose wreak havoc, they flee the wrath of Duckburg and head for Timbuktu. Now there’s a tea shop serving specialties the unfortunates know from their sojourns in Africa.

The Bucket o’ Blood Saloon 

Lurid name, feisty flavors: Donald’s beach bar serves hearty snacks (with goose) and sweet ones with a buttercream filling. 



Ducks ahoy!
© Disney Artist: Ferran Rodriguez


Bucolic break 

Elvira Coot, Donald’s grandma, is now also taking in guests at her farm. Peace and quiet guaranteed (except for Gus Goose’s snoring). Active alternative: freeclimbing on Senator Snoggin’s famous stone head monument.

The Fat Feather 

Do you sleep on your stomach? Or prefer crescent bolsters? Daisy Duck’s Fat Feather hotel is popular for its pillow menu. She even has lightweight models that are perfect for pillow fights.

Prison Hotel 

Hard pallet, plain fare: The local jail gives its finances and reputation a boost by renting out the cell regularly occupied by the Beagle Boys when they’re on the outside for a change. Please note, the accommodation can only be booked at very short notice!



Ducks ahoy!
© Disney Artist: Ferran Rodriguez

Dollar pool swim course

Dive headlong like a seal: Inside the Money Bin, Scrooge McDuck demonstrates how to take the plunge into hard cash without going soft in the head. Priceless ten minutes.

Deep relaxation 

Learn from a master: On Elvira Coot’s farm (see Accommodation), Gus Goose initiates guests in the art of chilling – and teaches them how to drift off to sleep in even the most adverse of circumstances.

Ducks ahoy!
© Disney Artist: Ferran Rodriguez

Nice to know

In Duckburg never …
… enter the Money Bin grounds alone: Beware the trap door! Your guide knows the zigzag path to the door and back.   

but definitely do …
… enter the Money Bin grounds by yourself! The trap doors await you. A must for adrenaline junkies!

Suggested souvenirs
Donald’s cap for the stylish, Scrooge McDuck’s spats for retro fans. Whatever you do: Never wear them together!