Tampa – One city, two faces

Hot rhythms, handmade cigars: Tampa is the epicenter of the Cuban community in Florida, but the third-largest city in the Sunshine State has wonderfully typical American aspects, too. We show both sides.

Tampa: Amerikanisch

Tough guys

So you’re a fan of martial arts? Welcome to Tampa! The city is regarded as a wrestling stronghold and boasts great shows throughout the year.

Cool movers

Despite its subtropical climate, Tampa has a professional ice hockey team, Tampa Bay Lightning, in the  NHL. Fairweather athletes? Forget it!

Meals on wheels

The USA loves fast food and trucks – ergo, it loves food trucks. The record holder for the world’s longest food truck parade is Tampa, with 121 vehicles.

Noisy bunch

Don’t worry, they’re just  playing! Tampa adores death metal and is home to a host of well-known bands, including Morbid Angel, Deicide and Monstrosity

Screaming fun

Sheikra, Florida’s biggest and fastest dive coaster (roller coaster with a vertical drop), even puts Orlando, the theme park capital, in the shade.

Tampa: Kubanisch

Little Havana

Take a stroll through Ybor City, Tampa’s Latin quarter. The small Caribbean houses on 4th, 5th and 6th streets called casitas will conjure up visions of Cuba.

Industry on a roll

Cuban artisans in their thousands once rolled cigars in Ybor City. At the Tabanero factory, the tradition of handmade cigars lives on to this day.

Get down with the crowd

The Simone Salsa Dance School is an institution in Tampa. The salsa scene gets together on Friday nights at La Practica, the school’s weekly party.

The family way

The Columbia Restaurant, run by the Cuban founder’s great-grandson, serves first-rate Spanish cuisine. It is also Florida’s oldest restaurant.

Way to wed

Once a Cuban community cultural center, today the Circulo Cubano de Tampa is a grand event location that’s particularly popular for weddings.