La Gomera: Fire dancers
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Extinct but exciting


La Gomera is the smallest but one of the volcanic Canary Islands. It’s so tiny, in fact, that you can see most of it in the space of a day. Vamos!

La Gomera: Greet the morning
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Greet the morning

It’s early, the day lies before you, the island at your feet. This is the Marador de Abrante, a glassed-in observation platform situated 600 meters above the Atlantic Ocean and the narrow streets of the village of Agulo.

La Gomera: Stroll amid laurels
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Stroll amid laurels

Time for some natural exercise in the laurel woods near Alto de Contadero, even if they do resemble a jungle just beyond the hamlet of El Cedro. It’s a good two-hour walk along green terraces to El Chorro waterfall.


La Gomera: food
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Eat lunch like a local

Stop off at one of the villages on Mount Garajonay, Las Hayes or El Cercado, and discover a treat to bleat about, almogrote, tangy goat’s cheese.



Whistle with shepherds

El Silbo, La Gomera’s ancient whistling language, is listed as a UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Some 20 000 silbadores use it and teach it to tourists. Casa Conchita in Arure offers courses.

La Gomera: Whistle with shepherds
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La Gomera: Strip a palm
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Strip a palm

Not so interested in whistling? At Casa de la Miel de Palma in Alojera, you can get to grips with the Canary Island date palm. The leaf midribs are woven into baskets and the fronds are used as goat fodder, but you will extract the guarapo (sap) to make honey!ón-La-Gomera-173521069711995

La Gomera: Dolphins
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Observe whales and dolphins

Head out to sea in the heat of the day! From Valle Gran Rey, Oceano runs eco-friendly whale-watching boat trips that keep a respectful distance.


La Gomera: Fire dancers
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Admire the fire dancers

Every day, aging hippies and locals gather on the beach in Valle Gran Rey at dusk to welcome the night with fire dancing, bailando fuego. Grab a grape marc spirit from the Cacatua Bar and drink the drummers’ health!



Relax in the evening

It’s been a long day, right? Check in at the four-star Jardín Tecina on Playa de Santiago. It’s too late for golf, but the outdoor pool beckons – as does bed.

La Gomera: Relax in the evening
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Lufthansa flies once weekly from Munich (MUC) to Tenerife (TFS). Take a ferry or regional flight from there on to La Gomera. To calculate your miles, go to