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Amsterdam – One city, two faces


There’s lots to do in Amsterdam when the sun shines, but the weather isn’t always good. Luckily, there’s also lots to do on rainy days. We check out the sunny side and the rainy side of the Dutch metropolis

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Amsterdam on skates

How about touring the city on inline skates? Friday Night Skate takes place once a week, and anyone can join.  The longest route so far was  26.2 kilometers long.


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Popular haunt

Café Noorderlicht is an outdoor beer garden in a former shipyard, where bands play on sunny days. An old greenhouse provides shelter when it rains.


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Bicycle tours

It may sound like a cliché, riding a bike in Amsterdam, but it’s one of the best ways to get around and see the city. For couples there’s also the option of renting a tandem bike.


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Breeze off the lake

How about a little windsurfing in the trendy new district of IJburg on IJ lake? It’s a windsurfer’s mecca, and just 15 minutes from the center of Amsterdam.


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All aboard

Feel like exploring the canals by paddle boat? Paddle boats are fun and almost impossible to capsize. And anyway, the shore is always just a couple of meters away.



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Beer tour

Check out the interactive Heineken Experience in an old brewery building. Cheers!


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Stylish strippers

The burlesque shows at Winston Kingdom Nightclub are definitely worth seeing.


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Museum visit

Amsterdam has lots of famous museums (Rembrandt, van Gogh) as well as a Tulip Museum.


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Arthouse and art deco

Cineasts and design fans will love it: The Movies, Amsterdam’s oldest movie theater, shows arthouse films in their original language. It also boasts an art deco interior.


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