Crowd at the Exit festival during sunset
© A. Kamasi/Exit

Summer stars


Knee-deep mud, pulsating beats and pure euphoria. Musicians probably know best which festivals tick all the boxes. We asked eight top acts for a personal recommendation.

Tepees at the Glastonbury Festival in British Pilton
© Iwona Pinkowicz | Potrait below: © Nicole Nodland/Universal Music

No. 1

Glastonbury, Pilton, England

June 21-25

“As a child I would watch all the Glastonbury performances that were transmitted live on TV, so actually playing there myself was totally mind blowing! This festival is ideal for everyone who wants to experience something fun and new and doesn’t mind walking for miles and miles through mud!”


Dua Lipa
The eponymous debut album by British dance-pop singer Dua Lipa comes out this month

British dance pop-singer Dua Lipa
© © Jokko/Pukkelpop | Portrait below: Sony Music

No. 2

Pukkelpop, Hasselt, Belgium

August 16-19

“At Pukkelpop, a super-chilled festival, I experienced a really special moment. I was performing and some girls from the crowd came up and joined me on stage. We ended up dancing together and it felt absolutely free and very liberating. Sometimes I feel alone on stage and it was really nice to have people up there sharing the limelight with me.”


Izzy Bizu
Londoner Izzy Bizu gets the party going with songs like “White Tiger” or “Talking To You”

Izzy Bizu from London


David Guetta performing at Exit Festival in Serbia
© Berard Bodo/Exit | Portrait below: Press Photo

No. 3

Exit, Novi Sad, Serbia

July 6-9

“Exit is like its own, unique world. It takes place in a fortress and despite its size – it attracts 200 000 visitors – has a really intimate atmosphere. Last year, I played in an old amphitheater until sunrise, which was an incredibly emotional experience. The program is very varied, and there’s something for everyone, no matter if you prefer bands or electronic music.”


This DJ is the uncontested ruler of the night and the stage at big festivals

Artist Solomun
Bathing crowd at Kosmonaut Festival
© Stephan Flad | Portrait below: Press photo

No. 4

Kosmonaut, Chemnitz, Germany

June 16-17

“We launched Kosmonaut festival in our hometown in 2013. In the first year, the stage was on a truck trailer; now, it attracts 15 000 people. The festival takes place right next to a reservoir, so you can swim and watch the action on stage at the same time. We always have a secret headliner and there are lots of advance bets on their identity.”


“Keine Nacht für Niemand“, the German band’s third album, is due out this month

The German band Kraftklub


Bright colors at Sziget Festival, Budapest
© PR | Portrait below © Charlie Ijung

No. 5

Sziget, Budapest, Hungary

August 9-16

“Sziget is a giant party on a Danube island in the middle of Budapest, and it features a fabulous mix of big names and exciting newcomers. A few years ago, we were on our way home in the tour bus but decided spontaneously to stop off at the festival. Wow! It was unforgettable!”


Mando Diao
This summer, the Swedish rock band is on tour with their eighth album, Good Times

Mando Diao
Metal fans at Wacken Open Air in Germany
© Olaf Malzahn | Portrait below: © Robert Eickelpoth

No. 6

Wacken Festival, Germany

August 3-5

“We played Wacken for the first time in 1996, back when it was still fairly small. Now, it is one of the biggest heavy metal festivals in the world. The connection between the audience and the bands is unique, almost magical. It is the ideal festival for hardcore metal fans, but it’s also a brilliant way of immersing yourself in metal and it has an atmosphere a bit like a giant fair.”


The current album by the German metal band is called „Gods of Violence“

The band Kreator


Nachtaufnahme des Montreux Jazz Festival in der Schweiz
© 2016 FFJM-Emilien Itim | Porträt unten: © Universal Music

No. 7

Montreaux Jazz, Switzerland

June 30 – July 15

“This jazz festival is a music lovers’ festival run by music lovers. I feel very happy when I think about playing there. Last time I flew to Geneva, I saw a huge banner in the arrivals hall celebrating the festival, and it had a photo of me performing my first concert there. What an amazing welcome!”


Amy MacDonald
Her latest album, Under Stars, is the perfect soundtrack for balmy nights

Kind beim Pop Kultur Festival, Berlin
© Annett Bonkowski/ Pop Kultur | Porträt unten: © Jakob und Hannah

No. 8

Pop-Kultur, Berlin, Germany

August 23-25

“Everyone will find their own special gems here and can put together their own program. First a pop concert, perhaps, then a jazz artist or a rock band. Two years ago as part of the festival, I performed at the techno club Berghain, which was a fabulous experience because instead of singing, I read my unpublished poetry.”


The German singer explores everyday life on her latest album


Our reporter really enjoyed researching the festival story. Here’s why: “I listened to the music of each of the artists I talked to, and now I’ve got a new playlist and plans for nest summer!“