Time is precious, particularly when you’re travelling. The cabin is a great place to relax and enjoy some me-time. Here are nine services for a supremely pleasurable flight

1.) A seat in heaven

The new Business Class seat is so comfortable you may find yourself hoping the flight never ends. At the press of a button, the seat, which is continuously adjustable, turns into a bed with a horizontal sleeping surface almost two meters long. When we set out to design this new seat, we didn’t just rely on the experts: we also asked more than 1800 passengers to contribute their suggestions in an online survey and practical tests.

2.) Lufthansa Magazin

A comfy seat, perhaps even a glass of wine – and inspiring reading matter! Don’t mistake Lufthansa Magazin for an onboard entertainment guide slash list of duty-free items that you flick through briefly. You’ll find that our magazine is so much more: gripping features, background reports on aviation topics, entertaining lifestyle and culture articles. Discover inspiration for your next trip and insight into exotic worlds. In fact, all that’s missing is a crackling fireplace.

3.) Shopping on the fly

Enjoy a comfortable spot of shopping high up in the sky. The Lufthansa WorldShop catalog contains perfumes, cosmetics, watches and jewelry, useful travel accessories and great gifts for kids. You can pay in cash, by credit card, with your bonus miles – or any combination of the three. And if you can’t wait to get shopping, the service is even available before you board: with our preflight services you can prebook your purchases online from four days before your flight.

4.) A treat for eyes and ears

Lufthansa’s inflight entertainment is like having a vast media library at your fingertips – from the comfort of your seat: 100 feature films in up to eight languages, 200 TV programs, entire seasons of popular series. And on top of that, there are also 30 radio channels, a fantastic choice of music and audio books. Select, lean back, enjoy – and you’ll find that time really does fly by.

5.) A change of perspective

Real aviation enthusiasts can’t be tempted by Hollywood. Their action comes live from our outside cameras: on many Lufthansa aircraft live videos of what’s happening outside the plane are streamed direct to the seat screens. You have a choice of the cockpit view, the bird’s-eye perspective or a view from the engines, and you can switch between the three to really see what’s going on around you.

6.) Exercising in the air

A stiff neck, heavy legs, nasty backache? For Lufthansa passengers the cure is only a touchscreen away: in the inflight entertainment program, stars from FC Bayern München demonstrate a few exercises that you can easily do in your seat. Thomas Müller does neck rotations, Rafinha stretches, Jérôme Boateng shrugs his shoulders. Each exercise takes only 20 seconds – but even a quick trip to the toilet is a great opportunity to stretch everything back into place. ­

7.) Hotspot in the sky

An increasing number of Lufthansa aircraft are equipped with the new communications portal, FlyNet, which currently is exclusively available on long-haul flights, but will soon be rolled out to selected short and medium-haul services, too. Flynet functions like a conventional public hotspot: activate the WiFi function, open your browser and your device will automatically connect to the network on board. Browse the internet, write emails, stream films…it’s as if your feet had never left the ground.

8.) Kids’ apps

Digital fun for our young passengers: Lufthansa’s apps for children are informative, exciting and easy to use – not just during the flight. “Take-off! The fun-packed journey for little passengers” for children from three upwards contains six pictures full of animated fun and incredible detail from the world of aviation. In the new, action-packed game “Super JetFriends” players from seven years up have to complete tasks all around the airport, helped by the two Lufthansa mascots, Lu and Cosmo.

9.) Amenity kits

A bag full of goodies, beautifully presented in pouches created by famous designers. On Lufthansa’s long-haul flights you don’t just get a toothbrush handed to you. Instead, in First Class, our current amenity kits are designed by Jacob Jensen, but very soon we’ll be replacing these with the universally popular miniature cases by Rimowa. In Business Class, Bree and Jil Sander have designed the bags we’ll be giving away in the next months. They contain everything you need to make your flight a relaxing and pleasurable experience: a skincare set (with lip balm and moisturizer), a dental set with a toothbrush and toothpaste, an eye mask, ear plugs, socks and headphone covers. We hand out roughly three million kits a year – some of them even go on to become real collector’s items, attracting top prices on eBay.