People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few people at Düsseldorf Airport and asked them about their dream destination this summer.

Kasper Schjoenning, filmmaker, at Dusseldorf Airport

Kasper Schjoenning, filmmaker: “Iceland. I love rugged landscapes. The black lava beach at Vík í Mýrdal is said to be absolutely spectacular.“

© Majid Moussavi
Ziad Alamin, Student, at Dusseldorf Airport

Ziad Alamin, student: “I have never been to London and I would really like to go – for the atmosphere, the architecture and, yes, also for the rain.“

© Majid Moussavi
Miriam Nagel, PA, at Dusseldorf Airport

Miriam Nagel, PA: “Santorini is the most romantic island I have ever visited. The colors! I want to return to Greece this summer.“

© Majid Moussavi
Theresa Blank, entrepreneur, at Dusseldorf Airport

Theresa Blank, entrepreneur: “My wish this summer is to fly to Vancouver and take a road trip through western Canada!“

© Majid Moussavi
Ossy Solo, hotel manager, at Dusseldorf Airport

Ossy Solo, hotel manager: “Trinidad, on the south coast of Cuba. It’s got pretty, colonial houses and the best salsa parties in the world.“

© Majid Moussavi
Carrie Deng, sales consultant

Carrie Deng, sales consultant: “I dream of going to Sydney to attend a performance at the famous opera house.“

© Majid Moussavi