Boeing 737-300

A reliable workhorse

The Boeing 737-300 was Lufthansa’s workhorse – good-natured, reliable and indefatigable. It joined the Lufthansa fleet in 1986 – two years after its first-ever flight – and served faithfully until fall 2016. The Lufthansa cabin layout provided seating accommodation for up to 140 passengers, and the aircraft operated on German and European routes. Its little sister, the Boeing 737-500, was also part of the fleet and was operated primarily on short-haul routes. Boeing introduced the original 737 in 1967 and has been developing and updating it ever since. The 737 – in all its generations and versions – is said to be the most successful commercial passenger aircraft family in the world. October 2016, we came to the end of an era, when the Boeing 737 retired after 48 years of its faithful service in the air.

Number in fleet
out of service
33.4 m
28,9 m
11.1 m
795 kph
Max. cruising altitude
11,300 m
Max. takeoff weight
57,600 kg
Max. landing weight
52,600 kg
2000 km
Cabin width
3.5 m
Passenger seats (max.)**

* with max. number of bookings; ** Configuration may vary