Captain Becker, why are safety precautions important?

Captain Becker, why all those safety precautions during takeoff and landing: blinds open, seats in an upright position, tray tables folded, headphones off?

The main reason for having the blinds open is so the cockpit crew see whether there’s a situation outside the plane that calls for action. If smoke or flames become visible, the airplane needs to be speedily evacuated. Upright seats, folded-away tray tables and stowed headphones are the prerequisites for an evacuation. Before each takeoff, the crew makes a brief review of what each member needs to do in the event of an aborted takeoff.

Can a cell phone that’s not switched off really influence the airplane’s electronics?

As long as the manufacturers require restricted use of cell phones on board, we should comply. A disruption is certainly possible. As soon as guarantees are in place that no disruption can occur, this rule will be scrapped.

Why is it important for frequent flyers to pay attention to safety instructions?

Passengers who pay attention can increase their own safety and also that of others on board. Everyone knows how to open and close their safety belt; but do they know how to find the nearest emergency exit when the lights are out, or how to put their life vest on the right way around the first time they try?

Why should safety belts be kept fastened?

Hefty turbulence can occur particularly at cruising altitude, and it’s hard to predict. That’s why it’s important to keep safety belts fastened even high in the air. Accidents are rare, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.