Early morning view of New York's Fifth Avenue from the Apple Store

Early morning view of New York's Fifth Avenue from the Apple Store

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American designer Rubin Singer presented the new season’s evening wear during Lufthansa’s Fashion Flight

Front row for everyone: American designer Rubin Singer presented the new season’s evening wear during Lufthansa’s Fashion Flight from Frankfurt to New York

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Model presenting a new Lufthansa crew outfit in the signature colors blue and yellow

In addition to the collection, which was available online immediately, Singer showed his design for a new Lufthansa crew outfit – in the signature Lufthansa colors blue and yellow

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Passengers filming during the Lufthansa Fashion Flight

Everyone filmed during the Fashion Flight

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Airplane at the Airport Frankfurt

The exclusive fashion was shown on board of a Boeing 747-8

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Silk and plenty of glamour: Model presents a dress in the aisle of the plane

Clear the aisle for lots of silk and plenty of glamour: For Fashion Flight, Singer, renowned for flowing gowns with lavish draping and long trains, opted for silhouettes suitable for air travel. “Flying Lab is about the future of flying – and in my collection, also the future of evening gowns,” says Singer.

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Model presents a dress of Markus Singer's collection during the LH Fashion Flight

His designs look great at galas, dinner parties and some even work in the office: “Clothes need to be multi-occasion – we want to be able to wear what’s hanging in our wardrobe”

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New York Skyline

When New York proclaims Fashion Week, Lufthansa transforms cabin aisles into catwalks

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Airplane window

High Above the Atlantic Ocean

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New York road signs

New York road signs

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Part of a flight attendants' uniform from the past six decades

As well as Singer’s collection, the show included Lufthansa flight attendants’ uniforms from the past six decades

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Two Lufthansa stewardesses wearing shift dresses and suits from the 1970s

The crew favorite: shift dresses and suits from the 1970s (below), designed by the Berlin couturier Werner Machnik

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Safety first Special Air Mission Wing

Flying laboratory

On FlyingLab flights, Lufthansa lets passengers familiarize themselves with and test new products and services. Live lectures and/or presentations may also be offered for passengers to watch on their phone, tablet or laptop thanks to the availability of on-board Internet.




Selling dreams


Rubin Singer dresses women like Shakira and Beyoncé. The fashion designer knows the importance of staging

Mr. Singer, Why are you presenting your new collection 10 000 meters above the ground?

The fashion world has seen almost everything, and many people are bored. It’s the designer’s job to surprise, to tell stories, to sell dreams. A catwalk in an airplane over the Atlantic – that’s something really new. Location, music, light: Fashion shows are always planned down to the last detail.

You have limited possibilities on a plane. How does that fit with your vision?

I’m having to improvise, of course. But I was prepared. We are demonstrating that it can all be done without irons, steamers and so on. And instead of showing long, opulent gowns, we are featuring pants suits and figure-hugging dresses. Compared with the usual shows, the atmosphere is intimate, with models and dresses just centimeters away from their audience.

Doesn’t fashion lose some of its magic that way?

On the contrary. Many designers are currently questioning the principle of fashion shows. Some have started turning out just one collection a year, which they immediately put on sale. Customers want to get closer to fashion, they are looking for a sensual experience of the craftsmanship and the fabrics that go into the clothes. On a normal catwalk, that is hardly possible. That’s why salon shows are held in small rooms, the way it used to be with haute couture.

The Fashion Flight is not only about clothes, though, it’s also about social media. What is the significance of this for you?

Social networks have radically changed pop culture: They influence people’s perceptions of us. Anyone can see immediately who I am, how I work and who wears my stuff, and they can form an opinion about all of that. This doesn’t always have a direct impact on sales, but it is fundamental to our brand imaging and public relations.

Getting there from Germany

Lufthansa flies twice daily from Frankfurt (FRA) and seven times weekly from Munich (MUC) to New York/JFK as well as seven times weekly from both hubs to Newark. Check meilenrechner.de to see how many miles you can earn.