At the gate: Hamburg


People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few travelers at Hamburg Airport to ask: Where would you like to escape to this winter?

Gate Check Ingrid Erdtmann

Ingrid Erdtmann, secretary
In 1980, I traveled around the U.S. and what I loved the most was the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I would love to go back!

© Roman Pawlowski
Gate Check Sigrid Rosemeyer

Sigrid Rosemeyer, banker
I’d love to return to the Seychelles with my family. We had a small cottage on the beach and the underwater world was fascinating.

© Roman Pawlowski
Gate Check Umid Mirshafie

Umid Mirshafie, artist
My dream is to walk the Inca Trail to the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. For me, hiking is a combination of adventure and relaxation.

© Roman Pawlowski
Gate Check Benard Attiah Donkor

Benard Attiah Donkor, lawyer
Most of my family live in Accra, Ghana. It’s my happy place, not least because of "tuo zaafi", the maize dish my grandmother cooks for me.

© Roman Pawlowski
Gate Check Friederike Punte

Friederike Punte, buyer
To Australia. Then I’d hire a car and drive down the entire east coast, from Cairns to Sydney, in the sunshine.

© Roman Pawlowski
Gate Check Benjamin Adrion

Benjamin Adrion, founder
I would love to explore the quieter side of Goa in India in the winter, and then travel on to Kathmandu, the Nepalese capital.

© Roman Pawlowski