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“Travel can be powerful”


Lufthansa podcast host Shelby Stanger talks about the place that changed her life.

You host the Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces travel podcast. What is it about?

On the show, I speak with people who were so influenced by a travel experience that it changed the course of their life. There’s a Chinese woman who became a vintner in Burgundy and took French wine culture back to China; and a German ex soccer pro who has been bringing clean drinking water to the world since visiting Cuba. Travel can be incredibly powerful.

Podcasts have become extremely popular…

People love old-school storytelling from mouth to ear. You can listen to podcasts anywhere, even while driving, exercising, or just doing chores. It’s become a great way to learn new things.

What do you do in your spare time?

My other podcast, Wild Ideas Worth Living, is about adventure and the outdoors and takes up most of my time. I love to surf,
run, go to yoga and sample the best coffee or healthy food anywhere I am. And I have a trip coming up to Europe that’s all about the culture and sights.

What’s your favorite thing about traveling?

I love new experiences and getting out of my comfort zone, but my favorite thing about traveling is meeting new people. People always amaze me with their kindness. I think everyone has an amazing story. I also love adventure, discovering new places.

Do you have a life-changing place?

When I was 16, I traveled to Costa Rica for a month and lived in
a remote fishing village. I used a garden hose to wash and played some incredible soccer games. I also learned the value of pura vida, which means “pure life” and is how Costa Ricans express that life is meant to be enjoyed. And I learned to slow down. I’ve been back many times since then, and in 2011 even met my husband while surfing there.