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Worth waiting for


If you’re out and about in one of these nine cities when hunger strikes, check out the following snack bars and food stands. You won’t regret it!


Kebabs in berlin

The line reaches all the way from Tegel Airport to Mehringdamm, but sitting
on your luggage , waiting in anticipation of Mustafa’s delicious kebab sandwich filled with chicken, feta and grilled vegetables is a true Berlin experience.



custard tarts in lisbon

If you had your way you’d bury your whole face in the warm, creamy pasteis de belem sprinkled with a dash of cinammon: This pastry shop in the western part of Lisbon has been a mecca for egg custard tart fans for 180 years.



falafel in Paris

Creamy hummus, crispy falafel: Standing in a doorway near this kosher falafel place, you ignore the sauce running down your fingers as you bite happily into a pita pocket. This is how you eat Europe’s most famous falafel sandwich.

Rue des Rosiers 32, Paris


omelettes in bangkok

Jay Fai wears safety goggles to protect her face from the hot oil when she cooks her famous crab omelette. The 73-year-
old recently earned a Michelin star for the delicious street food she prepares at Raan Jay Fai, her humble eatery.

Maha Chai Road 327, Bangkok


soup in Busan

A photo of grandma hangs over the entrance: She created the wonjo halmae gukbab rice and noodle soups that draw so many hungry guests in this South Korean city. After the meal, they scribble their appreciation on the wall.

Gunam-ro 21 beon-gil 27, Busan

Hong Kong

Dim sum in hong kong

Have fun finding the dim-sum legend of Hong Kong! It’s an unremarkable-looking place with its windows pasted over and lots of scooters parked out front, but look at the line for Tim Ho Wan’s star-studded dim sum.



a Valparaiso specialty

Finishing a plate of chorillana, an enormous pile of french fries topped with meat, egg and onions, can be a real challenge. J Cruz in Valparaiso claims to have invented what is now regarded as a kind of Chilean national dish.


New York

ice cream in new york

Oh, the sweet agony of making a choice. Rainbow Unicorn or Fruity Bam Bam? Roasted marshmallows or cookies? Guests look on in delight as liquid cream is spread on ice-cold platters and scraped into rolls: Heaven is nigh.



croissants in melbourne

Who would have sought the perfect croissant in Fitzroy, a Melbourne suburb? It takes three days to produce
these light, crispy, buttery crescents – and don’t miss their cruffins, a cross between a croissant a muffin …