What’s that you’re doing, Mr. Böss?

Eckart Böss, 53, lathe machinist, has been with Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg for 29 years
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Eckart Böß, 53

lathe machinist

… has been with Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg for 29 years

“I’m measuring a bushing that I just made using a computer-controlled lathe. The radius of this bushing has to be exactly 61.20 millimeters and it is! The finished bushing, or, to put it more simply, metal ring that was produced in a high-precision process, can now be installed in the undercarriage of an Airbus A320 where it serves as a guide for a movable pin. I now have to move right on to the next bushing, and so I reprogram the CNC lathe accordingly.
If necessary, I exchange the tools on the machine, depending on the nature and dimensions of the bushing. When every-
thing is ready, I fix the bronze, steel or aluminum workpiece in place. The lathe machine produces a bushing in about three
or four minutes. You drill the hole, cut out the workpiece to the required size and shape with a carbide tool and finally use a finishing tool. I usually produce bushings for Airbus but sometimes also for historical planes like the Ju 52/3m.”