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Delhi – One city, two faces


Hot temperatures, sizzling spices, brilliant colors and a cacophony of sounds: For visitors, Delhi offers a veritable spectacle for all the senses. But there’s more to the Indian city of millions: delicacy, stillness and spirituality. We show both sides of the bustling metropolis.

Follow your nose

To Khari Baoli, Asia’s largest spice market, where the air is fragrant with curry, cinnamon and cloves, and stalls sell intricately stacked nuts and dried fruits.

Get twirling

Stamp those feet, move those hips, swing those arms – two-hour courses give tourists a chance to try out traditional Indian dances, like banghra and dandiya.

Experience the magic

Kathpuli Colony is home to thousands of street artists, which is why visitors flock here to marvel at snake charmers, puppeteers and conjurers.

Shop till you drop

Visit Dilli Haat bazaar to buy and also watch as saris, jewelry, and carved and metalwork objects are handcrafted by artisans from all over India.

Marvelous tales

India celebrates its opulent culture and mythology at the Kingdom of Dreams theme park. A special highlight is the spectacular Bollywood musical Zangoora.

Take a taste trip

The legendary Chandni Chowk food market is where India’s culinary heart beats. The best way to explore it is on a guided food walk (which includes tasty samples)!­



Don’t miss the monkey god

This statue of Hanuman, the highly revered Hindu deity, towers 33 meters above Delhi’s most famous Hanuman temple.

Lend a devout ear

Followers of all religions are rapt when the Nizami brothers praise Allah with qawwali, the traditional Sufi style of singing.


Faith is not the only tradition here; there’s medicine, too. Feel the benefit of ancient Ayurvedic lore with a treatment at the Kairali Ayurvedic Center…


Sanjay Van forest at the heart of Delhi is the city’s green lung – and by night, reputedly haunted by a mysterious woman in a white sari.

Seeking enlightenment?

The Buddhist monks in Samyeling, the Tibetan quarter in the north of the city, teach meditation that will help you along the way.

Strong body,
quiet mind

Yoga students from all corners of the planet flock not only to Delhi, but to the masters of yoga metropolis Rishikes, some 220 kilometers to the northeast.