What’s that you’re doing, Ms. Subat?

What's that you're doing, Ms. Subat?
© Jan Brandes/LH Technik

Rica Subat, 21

apprentice forwarding and logistics clerk

at Lufthansa Technik Services in Hamburg


“I’m attaching a GPS tracker to an Airbus landing gear in preparation for transit to Cape Town via Frankfurt. Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services sends spare parts consignments all over the world – 2.5 million last year. Most are small parts, but things get more complicated when we have large, easily damaged components to transport, such as landing gears or engines worth several million euros. These we suspend in transportation stands with the help of a crane or a lift truck. The tracker and securing straps are then attached to the stands, never directly to the parts themselves. We often have to get the components to their destination not only safely, but as quickly as possible, too, for instance, because there’s an airplane waiting for a spare part. We  organize some 1000 special engine deliveries a year, with each one requiring a tailor-made logistics solution.”