What’s that you’re doing, Ms. Müller?

Melinda Müller, Instandhaltungstechnikern bei Lufthansa, tauscht einen Bildschirm
© Sonja Brüggemann/LH Technik

Melinda Müller, 28,

Maintenance technician

… has been with Lufthansa Technik for nine years


“I’m replacing an in-flight entertainment monitor in the back of an aircraft seat. Using a special tool called a release key I loosen it from the mounting. After that, I can easily take hold of it and pull it out. The new monitor is also very easy to install so the whole process takes only about a minute. I cannot spend much more time on it than that anyway because my colleagues and I have to maintain the in-flight entertainment system on up to 15 aircraft in a single shift. We usually encounter only small problems, like a defective display that has to be repaired before the plane takes off again, but some of our maintenance jobs are more involved. Replacing a damaged wire in a spot that’s difficult to reach can take several hours. But our job is not just to maintain the entertainment system hardware, but also to upload the software onto all the new monitors we install, as well as uploading new music and films onto each airplane’s server every month.”