Captain Becker, what makes a good greeting on board?

Captain Becker, do flight captains follow a particular script when greeting passengers on board?

There is no such thing as a standard announcement. If there were, passengers would soon get the feeling that the captain was just rattling off a text, when in fact his or her announcement should have an individual touch and be a personal greeting to all those on board. It should also, of course, inform passengers whether or not the plane will leave on time.

What makes a good announcement?

Everyone has to find their own style without slipping into the role of entertainer. If the captain is saying a few words before a long flight to 
a holiday destination, he or she should include particu-lars about the flight. If it’s an early-morning shuttle full of people traveling from Frankfurt to Munich on business, passengers will only be interested in a brief mention that their plane will land according to schedule.

What else is important?

A good announcement is one to which people pay attention. Am I using the right tone of voice? Am I speaking slowly enough? Have I included everything that’s important? You can tell right away if someone is just going through the motions. Some captains try to insert a little humor into their announcement, but although this is laudable, it doesn’t go over well with everyone. You have to acquire a feeling for what’s appropriate and what will appeal to the majority of passengers on board.

And what is absolutely crucial?

The announcement must be professional and come across convincingly. It should give passengers the certainty that those guys up there in the cockpit know exactly what they’re doing.