SUP at the Bostalsee
© Günter Standl

The Druids of Lake Bostal


While at the Seezeitlodge, guests attempt to forget their careers for a while.

Saarland often gets a raw deal. A small, mostly quiet, peaceful state on the edge of Germany, Saarland is often overlooked when school students are asked to name all of the country’s states in Germany. And when it comes to saunas and Jacuzzis, most people tend to think of coastal resorts and alpine hotels, even though one of the best new wellness temples is down in the southwest: the Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa.


Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa bird's view
© Dieter Schummer/Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

  For me, the word “lodge” always conjures up visions of sunset beside a waterhole. And there’s an element of that here, too, because the angular building occupies a majestic location atop a promontory, looking out over Lake Bostal, a reservoir surrounded by lush woodland a good 45 minutes by car north of the state capital, Saarbrücken. There in the region’s parliament, top-level politicians Heiko Maas and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer began their political careers, while at the Seezeitlodge, guests attempt to forget their careers for a while. Wellness – more than anything, it’s time out for the brain.

But I find I cannot switch off altogether, find myself reflecting on the Celts, for instance. That heathen Druid people had a lasting influence on the hosts here, Kathrin and Christian Sersch. They brought in a geomancer, who identified the construction site as a “place of power.” Now the visual axes and walkways inside the hotel are in alignment with the equinox axis, and everywhere, you come across archaic braziers.

Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa at night
© Günter Standl

  In the kitchen, young head chef Daniel Schöfisch works with meadow chervil, sorrel and other ancient herbs; at the hotel bar, the guests’ favorite tipple is the house gin, Equinox. It owes its distinctive flavor to the bark of the ash tree – a nod to Miraculix and his magic potion.

This may all sound like complete nonsense to you, esoteric mumbo jumbo and eco babble, but believe you me, it works. Lying in the rest room of the sauna world, looking out over the lake through the panorama windows, I see the black mirror the night has painted for me. In the world of business, little-known world market leaders are referred to as “hidden champions.” Dear Saarlanders, from now on, you are my hidden champions – when it comes to relaxation.