The holiday express

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a traditional tree: The people of the tiny islet of Nordstrandischmoor fetch theirs from the mainland, transporting it by trolley along a causeway 3.5 kilometers long

© Kay Nietfeld/dpa Picture-Alliance

Neither wind nor fog nor any weather at all stops the diesel-powered trolley from crossing the North Frisian mudflats – as long as the tide is out. It’s a 20-minute trip from Lüttmoorsiel on the mainland to the Halligen islet of Nordstrandischmoor, which is inhabitated by only about 20 people living on four flood-protected, man-made mounds. The narrow-gauge railroad may only be used by the coastguard and the islanders. The trolleys transport visitors, mail, sheep, the pastor and even Christmas across the Wadden Sea.