Morena Leite, one of the leading gourmet chefs in the mega metropolis of São Paulo, grew up in a small town on the northern coast of Brazil.  Her cooking has always remained faithful to Brazil and its unique ingredients. She gives us a  glimpse of her world of flavor in a video

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In our video: Gourmet chef Morena Leite talks about her cooking

 The Capim Santo restaurant has one thing that sets it apart from the cool chic of so many big-city restaurants: a warm, inviting atmosphere. This is the realm of Morena Leite, one of the best chefs in the country. Using local, organic ingredients and produce, the gifted young cook creates truly outstanding and authentically Brazilian dishes. When she’s not in the kitchen, she’s usually giving viewers a glimpse of Brazil’s unique culinary landscape on television and her own YouTube channel.

Morena Leite has a clear idea just what it is that makes Brazilian food so special: Unlike France or China, she explains, Brazil does not have its own “pure” cuisine. Instead, the dishes here are as colorful and varied as the vast country and the people who live in it. As well as influences brought in by immigrants from Europe and Asia, it is the wealth of indigenous ingredients which makes the food here so special. Take, for example, the unassuming manioc root, an ingredient which is the basis for an astonishing number of dishes. Discover some of these in our video and find out why Morena Leite never cooks only for herself.