Lektüre zum Abnehmen
© Ravensburger Buchverlag/Wolfgang Metzger

Alles über Flugzeuge is a wonderfully detailed children’s picture book all about airplanes. Parent love it, too.

Some children’s books have the power to rekindle wonder, even in adults, and Alles über Flugzeuge (All about Aircraft) is certainly one of them. Where else do lovingly drawn illustrations convey so much detailed information? Where else are facts, for instance about self-service check-in kiosks or the baggage handling system, so playfully imparted? Ravensburger first published the book in 2002. Now a long seller, it has been one of the most popular volumes in the publisher’s Wieso? Weshalb? Warum? (Why? Why? Why?) series ever since. In 2019, technological advances called for a new, fully revised edition. It includes the full-body scanner we find at today’s security checkpoints, and the aircraft models it features are all up to date. We learn that large dogs travel in special crates inside the car-go hold and exactly what the job of a ramp agent or a tower controller involves. Kids really love the flaps that can be lifted to reveal even more details, such as an interior view of an Airbus A380 with its two passenger decks and the cargo hold. To make sure that everything is correctly depicted and described, the book is carefully fact-checked right down to the very last detail by experts from Lufthansa and Frankfurt Airport.