9 Top Hotel Gyms with an amazing view

Boxing beneath palms, yoga within sight of magnificent peaks: Exercise in these hotels and enjoy the added bonus of a fantastic backdrop.

Gym on the top floor of the Ritz in Lisbon
© Janine Silva/Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon


Into the blue

There’s no presidential suite on the top floor of the Ritz in Lisbon, but there is a gym and it comes with an outdoor running track and a spectacular view. Prefer a pool or spa? The hotel has them too.


Treadmills in the Marquis Reforma in Mexico City
Luis Gallardo © The Leading Hotels of the World/lhw.com


Runners’ paradise

The facade of the Marquis Reforma in Mexico City was designed by an art deco fan. On the treadmills beneath a glass dome flanked by palm trees, you run and run and run into the light.



Running track on the roof of Grand Hyatt in Denver
© denver.grand.hyatt.com


Airy arena

Hotels often hide their gyms away somewhere between basement boiler room and staff cloakroom. Not so the Grand Hyatt in Denver, which has weights, a running track and sun beds on the roof. Exhilarating! By the way, 12 laps around the tennis court equals one mile.


Ecocamp tent in Chile
© ecocamp.travel


Change of perspective

Even standing on your head in an Ecocamp tent here in Chile, the awe-inspiring scenery all around makes the world a beautiful place. After hiking through Torres del Paine National Park, you can relax your burning muscles in the Yoga Dome.


Pool at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo
© tokyo.park.hyatt.com


On top of the world

This pool is almost in the sky. High above the noisy streets of the bustling Japanese capital – 47 stories to be precise – guests at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo can swim laps, stretch and exercise in peace, and all within sight of Mount Fuji.



Thai Boxing at Four Seasons on Koh Samui island
© fourseasons.com/kohsamui


Boxing in the breeze

Vacationers on Koh Samui island can test their physical limits with a round of Thai boxing. After sparring against a backdrop of turquoise-colored waters, follow the path through the bamboo wood to the spa.



Yoga class room at Schloss Elmau, Bavaria
Andreas Endemann © The Leading Hotels of the World/lhw.com


Bavarian Breather

Snowcapped mountains, green pines, a gently curving valley high in the Bavarian Alps: Schloss Elmau will set your pulse rate strolling at a low 40 beats per minute – perfect conditions for archery on alpine meadows or practicing the poses of jivamukti yoga.


Workout space at villahotel.eu
© Fran Diaz/villahotel.eu


Endurance in the shade

Shimmering in the sun, the Andalusian countryside stretches away to the Sierra Parapanda. If you’re here to burn calories, you won’t even have to step outside the heavenly Cortijo Bujio – workout on a cross trainer beneath a thatched roof and a turn in the pool will do it.


Tennis court at The Brando in French Polynesia
© thebrando.com


Island indolence

This tiny atoll in French Polynesia was once actor Marlon Brando’s private getaway. The blue waters of the lagoon will render you blissfully comatose. Should the state pass, there are plenty of activities to get into: diving, swimming, working out and tennis.



Getting there from Germany


Lufthansa flies daily from Frankfurt (FRA) to Lisbon (LIS), Bangkok (BKK), Tokyo (HND), Denver (DEN) and Mexico City (MEX). Check meilenrechner.de to see how many miles you can earn.