Welcome to the universe
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Where might our journey take us?


Perhaps to Gouda or Gnomesville, onto the seabed, into outer space or even back in time. Here are suggestions for 20 places to visit in the next 20 years.


Solar eclipse

The next solar eclipse, when the moon grows big enough to cover the sun, takes place July 2. Practically impossible to see on land, your best chance of catching a glimpse is from the airport of the Argentinian capital (EZE): at exactly 17:44 hours local time, for nearly a minute the sun will be 99.7% covered before setting.


Going down

In about 20 years, bacteria will have polished off the wreck of the Titanic in the North Atlantic. For a last look, book a submarine trip with Blue Marble Private: 105 000 dollars will take you down 3803 meters to the seabed.


Going up

The new Jeddah Tower is a record-breaking one kilometer tall. From the highest observa-tion platform even the Red Sea looks like a pond.


In orbit

The Aurora Space Station is set to open 80 kilometers below the ISS as the first “hotel” orbiting 320 kilometers above the earth. For a cool 9.5 million dollars per person you can take unlimited photos of your hometown from above.


Ein Blick von oben
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By Zeus

Around 170 BCE,
a gigantic altar, measuring
roughly 36 by 34 meters,
was built for the king
of the gods in the ancient
Greek city of Pergamon
(now Bergama in Turkey).
After a ten-year restoration program,
the Pergamon Museum in Berlin
is reopening its replica,
which features the
original marble friezes.


Hello, Mars

Elon Musk’s dreams of Mars are now reality: Join the party at the Kennedy Space Center to wave goodbye to the first manned SpaceX rocket.


Heaven’s door

All roads lead to Rome – but for absolution you’ll have to wait outside the Holy Door of St Peter’s until 2025. Pass through this portal three times and your sins will be forgiven. Eager pilgrims have already booked their hotels.


Work in progress

The building work started 144 years ago, and now, for the centenary of the death of the architect, Antoni Gaudí, the Sagrada Família is finally due to be completed. The interior of the basilica with its gothic and art nouveau details is already open to the public, as are some of the 18 towers with panoramic views of the city.


Table for two?

The world’s most popular restaurant may have a table free now. Damon Baehrel, north of New York city and famous for cooking with local ingredients, is fully booked until the end of 2025, but is taking inquiries for 2026.


Counting fish

As you lie in bed
under the transparent ceiling
of what claims to be
the world’s first “affordable”
underwater luxury hotel
you can watch swarms of
fish and dolphins drift by.
Part of the profits of the
Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels
in the Atlantic off the coast
of the Caribbean nation are
used to restore coral reefs.

The world from above
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Swiss games

Yodeling, alphorn and dances in regional costume: What began in 1805 as a shepherds’ gathering in Interlaken is now celebrated every twelve years as the Unspunnenfest. Strong men compete by tossing stones.


The little folk

Show your garden gnome a bit of the world: If you truly love him, take your gnome to Wellington Mill in southwestern Australian and set him free. By 2018, some 10 000 gnomes from all around the world had gathered here.


Island getaway

The red lump of sandstone standing tall in the North Sea is the new Sylt: high and remote enough to feel exotic, and getting there is a lot easier than the present problem-beset train service to the island. Forget about oysters and go for the delicious local lobster, caught in the crevices of the island’s rocky foundation.


Her majesty

At age 105, Elizabeth II celebrates 80 years on the throne. Our guess is that she’ll abdicate in 2033, making way for her great-granddaughter Charlotte, who will have just turned 18.

Insight in the universe
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Culture counts

The European Capitals of Culture (TBA) will be in the Netherlands and Italy. Our tip: Gouda, hoping to emancipate itself from cheese, and Turin, where Juventus coach, Cristiano Ronaldo, always subs himself into the game.


All at sea

Fancy floating on your back in the sea in the middle of a desert and reading the paper? You shouldn’t put off visiting the Dead Sea for too long, as the water level of the gigantic salt lake between Israel, Jordan and the West Bank is sinking by around one meter every year. It could all be gone by 2050.


Elvis lives!

Fans are expected to come from all over the world to Graceland in Tennessee/USA to celebrate the King’s 100th birthday on January 8. But hurry – there are only a few places left in the local Rock‘n‘Roll refresher classes!


Make space!

Many cities urgently need more room to spread out. The new district Wescape, 40 kilometers from Cape Town, has enough for 800 000 people. There will also be plenty of hotels, as South African surf hotspots Grotto Bay and Ganzekraal are close.