Our dreams are their reality, the world is their field of work. Seven digital nomads give us a glimpse into their travel blogs.

Work and Travel Travel Bloggers LHM Dezember 2016

An innocent blue sky – but weather can change quickly in Greenland

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Jens Notroff

Adventure in Greenland

We knew what we were in for because my friends and I had kayaked along Greenland’s wild coast before. But this time, a storm pushed us to our physical limits. We had difficulty making it back to land, but after a battle that lasted several hours, we reached a peninsula where we could spend the night. The wind was so strong that I feared our tents would tear. The next morning we woke up to no wind at all and an innocent blue sky.



Work and Travel Travel Bloggers LHM Dezember 2016

Nadine Pungs spent 30 days in Iran

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Work and Travel Travel Bloggers LHM Dezember 2016

Regularly, the people invited her for dinner or a cup of tea

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Nadine Pungs

Alone in Iran

Never have I met such inquisitive people as I did in Iran. I spent 30 days traveling there – alone, but never lonely. No matter how little English people spoke, they always made a huge effort to communicate with me. They usually also invited me for dinner or a cup of tea. Once I visited a family in Kashan, in Isfahan province. We ate our meal sitting on the floor, and they wanted to know everything: where I was from, what I was doing in Iran, and most importantly, how I liked it there. They also had a big request: to please tell the Germans (my people back home) how wonderful their country is.



Work and Travel Travel Bloggers LHM Dezember 2016

Seeing the world form a different perspective: Sunset in Ibiza

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Gitti Müller

Healers, Hippies and Yogis


Ibiza is home to many dropouts from society, who have taught me a lot. During a yoga lesson in a woodland clearing, I pictured what it would be like to be a tree, and my perception of the sounds around me and the different shades of green intensified. It may sound strange, but that was one of the most beautiful moments I ever experienced. Seeing the world from a different perspective is what travel’s all about.



Work and Travel Travel Bloggers LHM Dezember 2016

In the Volcanoes National Park ...

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Work and Travel Travel Bloggers LHM Dezember 2016

... the Gorillas came very close

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Susanne Maier

A Gorilla in Rwanda

Of course I was scared when the silverback came toward me. There was no glass and no fence between us, and he was just a few meters away. This happened in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. A moment before, I had heard his grunting calls and the hollow sound of him beating his breast, a kind of warning, but all I heard when he came through the undergrowth was a snapping of twigs. I was filled with a seething mixture of fear and fascination. It was one of those moments that make travel worthwhile – and one in which you simply have to trust that all will go well.



Work and Travel Travel Bloggers LHM Dezember 2016

The tuna on Tsukiji fish market can be sold very quickly

© Nico Therin
Travel bloggers Work and Travel LHM Dezember 2016

Japan was Norah Steiner's last stop after a long trip through Asia

© Norah Steiner


Norah Steiner

Sleepless in Tokyo

 The Japanese capital is a great city for surprises because it is full of interesting things to discover – like Tsukiji fish market. I went there to see the tuna auction with a few other backpackers whom I had met at the hostel. We got up at 2 a.m., actually managed to get in, and then found ourselves in a gigantic hall full of tuna in the early hours of the morning. The auction itself was extremely short: The fish was sold within two minutes. Then it was time for breakfast – the best sushi in the world. It was definitely worth getting up so early!




Christoph Karrasch

Stranded in Nicaragua


Travel Blogger Work and Travel

Little Corn Island reminded Christoph Karrasch of the island from the series Lost

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Little Corn Island is the spitting image of the island from the series “Lost”: tropical, green and a long way from the mainland. Interestingly, no one I met knew anything about it before they arrived there by accident, and many never left again. Like the French twins who spontaneously decided to open a small hotel. Or the woman from the U.S. who recently married herself. Sound like something from TV? See – I told you.



Work and Travel Travel Bloggers LHM Dezember 2016

Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizonan was one very special stop for Susanne Helmer

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Susanne Helmer

A trip through the Amercian Southwest

 I don’t normally like to drive, but what better place to do so than on endless highways with never-ending panoramic views? One very special stop was Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona. I just couldn’t get enough of the patterns made by wind and water on the rocks – and their colors, ranging from pale orange to wine-red. I photographed everything, and with every click, I thought: “You’ll only be here once. Enjoy it!”



Work and Travel Travel Bloggers LHM Dezember 2016

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