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Rome – One City, two faces


Looking for good wine, delicious pizza and romance? The eternal capital of dolce vita is the ideal destination for anyone who appreciates the good life but also for active types looking for a real adventure. We take a look at both sides.

Homemade meal

Fancy some delicious food prepared and served right at home in a Roman kitchen? Check out bonappetour.com – some people even do vegan.

Famous legacy

Building empires is hard work, and the ancients visited thermal baths to relax and recuperate. Enjoy some traditional wellness at the Terme di Stigliano near Rome.

When in Rome …

Make sure to visit the Villa Borghese, the Orange Garden full of bitter orange trees in Parco Savallo and the Vatican Garden – all ideal for a romantic stroll.

Perfect pasta

Homemade noodles are fun to make, but they don’t always turn out. Learn the craft from the experts at the Rome Pizza and Pasta School.

Sunbathe on the beach

Take the train to Santa Marinella, only 50 minutes from Rome, and enjoy the gorgeous Mediterranean beaches in this small seaside stown.

Frozen treat

No trip to Rome is complete without gelato. Gelateria Grom sells organic ice cream made from fruit that its makers have picked themselves.




martial art

Take up sword, shield and armor and learn an Ancient Roman form of gladiatorial combat in a two-hour course offered by Gruppo Storico Romano.

Go for a ride

Enjoy some freedom à la Audrey Hepburn and rent a scooter to explore the streets of Rome. Maneuvering through the traffic on the streets here is sure to give you a buzz.

more than meets the eye

Riddles, red herrings and shady characters: Rome Treasure Hunts will take you on an exciting and suspense-filled tour of the Italian capital.

St. Peter’s challenge

There’s a breathtaking view from the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral, but you have to climb 537 steps to get there (unless you take the elevator, of course).

River rafting

The Tiber river’s biggest tributary is the Nera river northeast of Rome, which has great rapids and a 165-meter waterfall. So what are you waiting for?

On the run

Exploring Rome on foot is fine, but why not take things up a notch? Join a Rome Running Tour (up to 10 km) to break a sweat and see interesting sights at the same time!