What’s that you’re doing, Mr. Lempke?

Mirko Lempke, Maintenance technician with Lufthansa Technik
LH Technik

Mirko Lempke, 37

Maintenance technician

… has been with Lufthansa Technik for nine years, currently in Berlin

“I service the aircraft at Berlin-Tegel airport and am the go-to technician whenever there’s a plane with an unforeseen problem on the apron. Normally, an aircraft should take off again within the hour – so when there are repairs to be made, every minute counts. I have just been sent to take a look at an Airbus A320 because the air conditioning system is overheating. I use my laptop to call up the maintenance manual, a kind of electronic handbook, and run through the section on locating and rectifying faults. After taking a couple of measurements inside the plane, I know the unit itself is okay. The problem is a sensor that’s transmitting incorrect data, so I’m replacing it. Most repairs – on air conditioning systems, seats, coffee makers – is routine and soon completed, so that the aircraft can generally take off on time. Safety is always our top priority, however, so we always arrange to ground the plane if serious defects are found. Fortunately, that only happens very rarely.“