People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few people at Hamburg Airport to ask: Who or what would you take with you on a desert island?

Jade Boakye, radio host, at Hamburg Airport

JADE BOAKYE, radio host: “I love to eat, so I would never travel to a desert island without tasty snacks. Who knows when I would get my next meal?”

© Julianer Werner
Maria Fernandez, tattoo artist, at Hamburg Airport

MARIA FERNANDEZ, tattoo artist: “Thomas, my husband. A wonderful experience like that is something I would definitely want to share with him.”

© Juliane Werner
Maria Fernandez at Hamburg Airport
© Juliane Werner
Xay Abdullah, musician, at Hamburg Airport

XAY ABDULLAH, musician: “My guitar, my girlfriend and some watermelons – because they taste good and quench your thirst.“

© Juliane Werner
Paul Bunten, entrepreneur, at Hamburg Airport

PAUL BUNTEN, entrepreneur: “The best way to pass the time on a desert island is with a good book and good music. They’re what I’d take.”

© Juliane Werner
Doris Bremer, retiree, at Hamburg Airport

DORIS BREMER, retiree: “I’d take my husband and my grandchildren, and I’d also pack my easel in case I felt the urge to paint.”

© Juliane Werner