Gate-Check: Munich


People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few passengers at Munich Airport to ask: Why do you love the world?

Gate Check München: Luise Morgen

Luise Morgen, lifestyle-blogger
My job has me on the move a lot so I would say that I don’t even have a fixed abode. The world is my home – and that’s why I love it!

© Dirk Bruniecki
Gate Check München: Stefan Florian Höglmaier

Stefan Florian Höglmaier, real estate developer
Day after day, the world reveals very clearly to me that we are all the same – no matter where we come from or the color of our skin.

© Dirk Bruniecki
Gate Check München: Kristi Qato

Kristi Qato, student
Because it has so much in store for us: foreign countries and cultures, breathtaking landscapes, exotic food and interesting people.

© Dirk Bruniecki
Gate Check München: Philipp Siegert

Philipp Siegert, pilot
The world is my life. I get see a great deal of it when I fly – it’s indescribably beautiful and incredibly varied.

© Dirk Bruniecki
Gate Check Munich: Astrid Podoll

Astrid Podoll, lawyer
The world has so much to offer – like beaches where my daughter Julia and I can go to swim in the ocean while it’s snowing in Germany.

© Dirk Bruniecki
Gate Check München: Robert Noordeloos

Robert Noordeloos, physiotherapist
There are many good things about the world, but there’s also plenty I don’t like. I could totally do without poverty, violence and hate.

© Dirk Bruniecki