At the gate: Frankfurt


At the gate People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few travelers at Frankfurt Airport to ask: Is there someone you would like to congratulate right now?

Gate Check Lotte Sohst

Lotte Sohst, student
Nelson Mandela would be turning 100 this year. He fought for what he believed in and was a role model for many, including me.

© Marc Krause
Gate Check Giulia Testoni

Giulia Testoni, brand consultant
Isabella, my younger sister. She went traveling through Russia for a month all by herself for the first time. I missed her and I’m so proud!

© Marc Krause
Gate Check Lewis Williams

Lewis Williams, student
My boyfriend Marcel. We’re in a long-distance relationship and I visited him for his 32nd birthday in Frankfurt. We’ll see each other again in December.

© Marc Krause
Gate Check Mahan Esfahani

Mahan Esfahani, harpsichordist
A good friend of mine was just appointed professor of viola in Vienna. Congratulations, Jennifer, you’re amazing!

© Marc Krause
Gate Check Sonya Swann

Sonya Swann, technology executive
My mother, the Russian author Elena Minkina-Taycher, has just finished her latest novel. She let me read it and it’s really good!

© Marc Krause
Gate Check Camille Lauer

Camille Lauer, artist
I would like to congratulate my father Patrick for being absolutely wonderful. He’s always there for me and gives me the best advice.

© Marc Krause