People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few people at Munich Airport to ask: Where, in what city, do you like to do your Christmas shopping?

Gate Check Munich: Jan Rosenbaum

Jan Rosenbaum, business consultant
In Paris. The romantic and not too hectic atmosphere inspires me to shop for gifts there in the weeks before Christmas.

© Dirk Bruniecki
Gate Check Munich: Dennis Hochbaumer

Dennis Hochbaumer, flight attendant
My favorite city for shopping is Miami – I find all kinds of great things that you can’t get in Germany.

© Dirk Bruniecki
Gate Check Munich: Anna Bardavelidze

Anna Bardavelidze, student
I find unusual gifts in my hometown of Tiflis. They make fantastic surprises for my friends in Germany.

© Dirk Bruniecki
Gate Check Munich: Catherine Lapointe

Catherine Lapointe (with son Anthony), Director of Shipping
I like to give people unusual presents, so I go to the arts and crafts market in Montreal, which is held every December.

© Dirk Bruniecki
Gate Check Munich: Kathrin Huthöfer

Kathrin Huthöfer, retiree
I adore the pre-Christmas atmosphere in New York, where I always spot unique little items for my friends and family back home.

© Dirk Bruniecki