What’s that you’re doing, Mr. Talat?

Dennis Talat, Lufthansa-Flugbegleiter, beim snapchatten

Dennis Talat, 25,

Flight attendant

has been working for Lufthansa for five and a half years


“I’m standing in front of the flight information display board in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport, taking a selfie for Snapchat. Snapchat is basically a digital diary that you share with other people. The app lets you take photos and record short videos, arrange them in order, add symbols and text, and tell a little story. I take turns with other flight attendants in producing stories for the ­Lufthansa channel. With the snaps, people get a sense of truly accompanying us on trips and take a look behind the scenes, as well as benefiting from first-hand crew travel tips. In addition to our crew stories, we have other content on the Snapchat channel that’s produced by other colleagues. What I like about it is the direct, personal interaction we have with our followers. Some people have gotten so excited about what we do that they have applied for a job as a flight attendant.”

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