Vilnius One city, two faces
© Cristóbal Schmal

Vilnius – One city, two faces


Ice and snow are perfect for skating and snowmobiling, and Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a winter wonderland at this time of year. But the city also has it hot spots despite the frigid temperatures. We take a look at both sides.

Vilnius One city, two faces

Skating lake

Go out and practice your pirouettes on Lake Galve, west of Vilnius, against the magnificent backdrop of Trakai Island Castle.

Vilnius One city, two faces

Frosty outlook

Don’t miss the superb view from the castle tower on Gediminas Hill – although the wind up there can be particularly icy.

Vilnius One city, two faces

Hipster heaven

First it was neglected, now it’s a trendy hot spot: Artists have discovered the old Užupis district – and even proclaimed it a republic.

Vilnius One city, two faces

Ice-cold excursion

Explore the snowy woodlands around the city by strapping on a pair of cross-country skis or hopping on a snowmobile.

Vilnius One city, two faces

Blast from the past

Two monuments to Soviet dictators Lenin and Stalin once graced the center of town. They can now be viewed in Grutas sculpure park.

Vilnius One city, two faces

Sweeping sport

Curling is a little weird to watch but fun to play. Beginners will need about two hours of instruction on the ice before feeling comfortable.


Vilnius One city, two faces
Vilnius One city, two faces

Hot tip

Although it’s usually drunk cold, it will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Mead, wine made from honey, is Lithuania’s national drink.

Vilnius One city, two faces

Culture factory

Hip-hop, indie and jazz bands generate plenty of heat on the dance floor at Loftas, a live music club located in a former factory space.

Vilnius One city, two faces

Warming ideas

Need some wool socks? Or perhaps sultry new underwear? Gediminas Prospekt is a pop-ular shopping street with just about everything the heart could desire.

Vilnius One city, two faces

Sweat the small stuff

There’s nothing like a sauna to help you through the winter. Don’t miss the Lithuanian variety, which features a honey peeling.

Vilnius One city, two faces

The great escape

Solve the puzzles and you can leave anytime. Escape-room role plays are currently very popular in Vilnius.

Vilnius lässt sich gut im Heißluftballon entdecken

A lofty experience

Vilnius is as pretty as a postcard in the winter. The snow-covered roofs of the old town are best viewed from above. So why not treat yourself to a ride in a hot-air balloon!

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