What do necklaces and buildings have in common? More than you think, believes Roberto Stern. The heir to the H.Stern jewelry empire found inspiration for a new collection in the buildings of star architect Oscar Niemeyer

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 Throughout history, artists from all areas and styles have inspired each other: painters, musicians and photographers, as well as creative craftsmen such as architects, cabinetmakers  – and jewelers. The collection that the son of the famous jeweler Hans Stern designed as a tribute to the buildings of the architect Oscar Niemeyer is not only an homage to the visionary urban designer, it also unites the creativity behind two Brazilian success stories, both with German roots. At the end of the 18th century, Niemeyer’s ancestors emigrated from Hanover to Portugal and later to Brazil. Oscar Niemeyer’s influence on modern Brazilian architecture was seminal. The government buildings he designed for the capital Brasilia have become synonymous with the city itself. He used reinforced concrete  – but instead of static angularity, Niemeyer’s designs swoop in organic, round shapes and soft curves. Roberto Stern has transferred this sensuality to his jewelry collection. His father fled from the National Socialists to Brazil and opened a jewelry shop after the war. From these humble beginnings the family company has grown to become the third-largest luxury jewelry enterprise after Tiffany und Cartier, with branches all over the world and stars and starlets queuing to wear H.Stern creations on the red carpet.