What’s that you’re doing, Mr. Fischer?

What's that you're doing, Mr. Fischer?
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Benjamin Fischer, 28,

pilot for Lufthansa CityLine

works also as a volunteer for a project of the help alliance, the Lufthansa aid organization.


“I’m visiting the drop-in center of an aid project in Pattaya, on the east coast of Thailand. During the day, it cares for up to 100 underprivileged children, many of whom would otherwise live on the street at risk of being forced into prostitution. This project is for the most part funded by the help alliance, which was founded by Lufthansa employees 20 years ago. I come to Pattaya once or twice a year to see how the daily work is going and find out what’s planned for the future. This way, we can guarantee that all donations go where they are needed. We also fund a home for 80 street kids, and our social workers go into the slums, too. They play with the children and sometimes also teach them basic things – many don’t even know how to clean their teeth properly. We already make a big difference in Pattaya, but there’s still a great deal more to be done.”