Premium Acht Services die Sie unbedingt ausprobieren sollten Listicle

Simply providing a great flight isn’t enough. Lufthansa wants its guests to feel just as welcome on the ground as they are in the air. Here are eight services to make your stay at the airport easy and convenient.

1.) Express chauffeur

We’ve all been there: you come back from a wonderfully relaxing trip only to find that your return trip is so stressful you almost regret going away in the first place. No small change for the train, the taxi rank is crammed, the bus driver is rude, the suitcases seem to weigh a ton… there has to be a better way of doing things. Well, there is. Why not arrange to be picked up by a chauffeur and driven home? Gate-to-Door. Or the other way round: Door-to-Gate. In Munich you can even pick Gate-to-Sky: winter sports fans can arrange to be flown by helicopter straight up to the mountains.

2.) Personal airport guide

Every airport is a world unto itself, with its own special rules, signs and customs, and it’s not difficult to get lost in these confusing surroundings. Wouldn’t it be great to have a guide who knows the hidden corners and hot spots of this strange world like the back of his or her hand? Lufthansa offers this service in Munich and Frankfurt: a Lufthansa Guide will meet you and take you to your flight, train, hotel, shuttle bus, show you where the lounge is, the restaurants, taxi ranks, meeting point, baggage hall…in more than 14 languages. And not necessarily in that order.

3.) The digital newsstand

Most people carry at least one screen around with them, many have several: smartphones, tablet, notebook…. Even real bookworms will think twice about cramming yet another item into their bag at the airport newsstand. Lufthansa offers its guests the latest magazines and newspapers as eJournals: from three days before your journey you can download a choice of reading matter with your booking code and browse at your leisure. And what’s even better: you don’t need to worry that your favorite magazine could be sold out!

4.) Layover at the Lufthansa Spa

Every minute counts – particularly when you’re travelling. If you have to sit around at the airport waiting for a connecting flight, why not make the most of it? At the Senator Lounges in Munich and Frankfurt you can book a treatment session in the soundproofed spa and relax area, where the treats on offer include manicures, pedicures, oxygen treatment, hot stone massages and more on request. In Frankfurt, Lufthansa also has a Welcome Lounge for Business or First Class passengers arriving on certain long-haul flights where you can refresh yourself for the day ahead and have breakfast. Have a shower! We’ll iron your shirt our blouse while you freshen up.

5.) Layover in a sports car

Not interested in relaxing? Would you prefer to buckle up again straight away? Then why not continue your flight – in a Porsche 911 along some of Germany’s most beautiful roads. With Porsche First Class Excitement in Frankfurt and Munich, First Class passengers can treat themselves to a little jaunt past forests, lakes, castles and vineyards. Why wait? Get behind the wheel instead!

6.) Shower, nap and take off again

The new Terminal 2 in Munich now offers showers outside of the Lufthansa Lounges to allow long-haul passengers to freshen up before continuing their journey. The airport also has Recreation Areas with relaxing loungers and special mood lighting to create a soothing ambiance. And if you want some privacy, then head for one of the Napcabs at Gates G06, H32, L04 where you can enjoy the comfort of a pod with a single bed – and catch up on some shut-eye.

7.) Young travellers

Every year, 80 000 children travel alone on a Lufthansa flight and the airline becomes a temporary family. Lufthansa’s service for unaccompanied minors was launched 50 years ago; specially trained staff take care of their young charges and ensure that their time at the airport and during the flight is fun. Unaccompanied minors can also change flights with Lufthansa. And if they happen to miss a connecting flight, then their Lufthansa “family member” will spend the night with them at a hotel.

8.) Baggage tracing

Can’t bear to give up that suitcase at check-in? Now, thanks to the Lufthansa App and our digital baggage services, you can stay in touch: scan a link on your digital boarding pass and you can see exactly where your luggage is at any given time. At some airports after landing you will also receive a message telling you which baggage carousel to head for to be reunited with your belongings. And if you’re travelling with a Romova Smart Bag, then you can attach an Electronic Tag to your case at home. The only thing you still have to do is actually pack your things – there’s no digital solution for that yet.