People watching – everybody does it while they wait. We approached some travelers at Berlin’s Tegel airport and asked them to tell us about the best trip they took as a child

Ahreum Han, language teacher, at Berlin's Tegel airport

Ahreum Han, language teacher: “One year in the spring when my father and I climbed to the top of Bukhan Mountain in Korea for a chance to talk.“

© Gene Glover
Peter Hintze, sales professional, at Berlin's Tegel airport

Peter Hintze, sales professional: “My parents dragged me to my first classical concert while we were in Torremolinos, Spain. I loved it!“

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Christina Luisa Philipp, model, at Berlin's Tegel Airport

Christina Luisa Philipp, model: “When I was nine, I went on a safari in Kenya with my mother. Seeing rhinos up close really bowled me over.“

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Ann-Caroline Roil, university student

Ann-Caroline Roil, university student: “The New Year’s I spent with my family in Hawaii. While all my friends went sledding in Sweden, I learned to surf.“

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Eliot Dupuis, school student,

Eliot Dupuis, school student: “I spent my absolute best summer skateboarding in San Francisco from morning to night.“

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Andrew Maxwell, stonemason, at Berlin's Tegel airport

Andrew Maxwell, stonemason: “A crazy trip to Karijini National Park in Western Australia with my parents, four sisters and two brothers.“

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