At the gate: Stockholm


People watching – everybody does it. We stopped a few passengers at Stockholm ­Airport to ask: What’s your number one Christmas gift tip for people who travel?

Niklas Larsson Zakrisson, model
The best gift is definitely headphones. I never fly without mine – I need them to be able to switch off completely up in the air.

Juris Dukstenieks, Senior Executive
I commute between Riga and Stockholm, but we love traveling, so I would give my wife a trip to Santorini, a place we haven’t been to yet.

Sarah Westerlind, real estate agent
I gave my husband a toiletry bag for his grooming products. He loves it: It’s stylish and it keeps all the bottles and tubes together in his suitcase.

Sal Idriss, photographer
Roomy pants and comfy shoes are always great presents because they make a flight a lot more comfortable.

Nathalie Lind, project manager
I would give a Polaroid camera to capture those special moments. The pictures are a great way of remembering fantastic trips.

Wenches Hughes, make-up artist & entrepreneur
A facial oil for glowy, healthy skin even after a long flight. And also a powerbank so you never run out of juice.