Travel tips for experts


Pack smart, don’t stress about connecting flights and find your way in Cape Town or Rome like a local – all of this is possible. Read on to find out how …

Travel tips for experts Double checker
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Double checker

Whether you fly once a year to the Canaries or visit London twice a week, a second toothbrush and cell phone cable will help to avoid that last-minute search for necessities. What else your James Bond case should contain: a power bank, a universal adapter and a bag padlock. Control freaks will also take a GPS tracker for spontaneous baggage location. Security guarantee: Grandma’s old suitcase. Yup, the pink, flowery one – no one will walk away with that.

Travel tips for experts Be a pro at the gate
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Be a pro at the gate

Oh, those Sunday travelers – they stand out a mile at security: Where’s that laptop again, and the spray deodorant? They have to take off their belt, untie their shoelaces… And the travel pros? You can recognize them by their sweatpants (no belt), loafers (no laces), and the way they stow both laptop and liquids in the side pockets of their carry-on trolley. Plus, they carry an empty drinking bottle that can be filled from a tap or drinking fountain at the gate.



Digital helper

Your first day in an unfamiliar place: Then, tired and hungry, you scoured the streets for a good place to eat, which always ended up being an overpriced tourist trap. Every time. Now, your internal clock is perfectly in sync with the new time zone thanks to Jet Lag Rooster. Offline maps make finding your way easy. Foodie apps, such as Culinary Backstreets, recommend local eateries you will like, and once you’ve landed, Free WiFi Finder tells you where to go for, well, free WiFi.

Travel tips for experts Digital helper
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Travel tips for experts Flightmode: relaxed
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Flightmode: relaxed

No matter whether you’re traveling on business or for pleasure, a sleep mask and earphones will allow you to slip into stand-by mode on board. Eye drops, saltwater nasal spray, skin cream and a light scarf will protect you from the dry, cold cabin air. Awake again? The Lufthansa Inflight Entertainment Program has all you’re looking for, and more. On selected medium-haul flights, you can use the Lufthansa Entertainment app to stream movies, TV series and music, and to read newspapers and magazines as e-journals. Chil­dren will enjoy the Abflug and Super JetFriends apps. On long-haul flights, feel free to keep fit with the short exercises featured on the ­Lufthansa FlyNet portal – and demonstrated by FC Bayern Munich soccer stars.

Travel tips for experts Happy on the ground
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Happy on the ground

When your plane lands, the waiting begins: at passport control, at the baggage carousel; and at the taxi stand – unless you head for the departures terminal, where vehicles constantly become vacant. And what if you have to wait for your room once you reach your hotel? As a travel pro, you naturally have your swimming things in your hand baggage, so you can chill by the pool rather than sit, hot and bothered, in the lobby. Waiting is great, of course, if there’s something to look forward to. Preflight Shopping lets you order goods from the Lufthansa WorldShop up to four days before your flight (of at least 150 minutes).

Travel tips for experts I’m packing my suitcase
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I’m packing my suitcase

How to pack properly is the subject of entire travel blogs. In essence: Save space by rolling up, instead of folding, your clothes – preferably in tissue or baking paper to prevent creases. Stuff your shoes with socks and underpants to help them keep their shape. Fill gaps and corners in your case with remaining underwear. Stow bags and backpacks in large sacks and secure with adhesive tape to prevent straps from catching on the baggage conveyor. Got everything – even your EC debit card? If your credit card fails you, it will get you cash in the most amazing parts of the world.