Junkers Ju 52

The great old lady

Nearly 5000 aircraft of the Ju 52/3m series were built between 1932 and 1952. The first one to come off the production line was bought by the former Deutsche Luft Hansa AG. The airline subsequently took delivery of another 185 of these aircraft. Nicknamed “Aunty Ju,” it became the airline’s workhorse, famed for its incredibly high reliability. It was able to overfly not only the Alps, but also the Andes, and could accommodate up to 16 passengers. Although used mainly in Europe and South America, it was also to be seen on the airways of Africa and Asia. The foundation Deutsche Lufthansa Stiftung Berlin is still using a Ju 52/3 for special flights, which annually attract some 10,000 passengers seeking to experience flying as it was in the early days.

Number in fleet*
18,9 m
29.25 m
6.1 m
250 kph
Max. cruising altitude
3000 m
Max. takeoff weight
10,500 kg
Max. landing weight
10,500 kg
825 km
Passenger seats (max.)

* September 2013; ** with max. number of bookings