What’s that you’re doing, Ms. Sassen?

Linnea Sassen, aircraft maintenance technician at Lufthansa Technik
© Jan Brandes/Lufthansa Technik AG

Linnea Sassen, 21,

Aircraft maintenance technician

has been working for Lufthansa Technik since 2012


„I’m inspecting a special kind of magnet that detects early signs of metal wear. The master magnetic chip detector, as it’s called, projects into the lubrication system of the engine. If there is wear on any of the components, the magnet attracts the metal particles that have become detached. If I find any, I measure them, and send any of significant size on to the lab. There are other magnets, too, which are only used to detect particles in specific sections of the lubrication system, and they help me to localize the damage. If there’s metal wear in a pump, we can replace the pump right away, but If it occurs in bearings, it’s more complicated, and we have to disassemble the engine. But it’s very rare for abrasion to occur in the first place, and I’ve never detected any on my shift. Before I reinsert the master magnetic chip detector, I replace the seal. A colleague then double-checks the magnet to make sure it’s firmly in place. Just like with all safety systems, this is an absolute requirement.“