The specialist in steep approaches

Embraer ERJ 190

A jet right into the City of London – that’s not a problem for the Embraer ERJ 190. It can operate on short runways and is licensed for the steep approach into London City Airport

Business travelers are big fans of London City Airport located in the former docklands area immediately to the east of the City. Lufthansa CityLine uses its fleet of Embraer ERJ 190 aircraft on its Frankfurt-London (City) route. 36.2 meters long, this short-haul jet is the longest aircraft holding a license for London City.

Embraer 190

Approach to London City Airport – a head-up display projects key flight data right intothe pilots' field of vision

© Deutsche Lufthansa AG

 London City is a rather unusual airport. Very strict noise abatement regulations require approaching aircraft to fly a steep 5.5-degree glide path instead of the normal descent angle of around 3 degrees. Plus, the 1500-meter runway is too short for most of the larger planes now flying.

Most of the aircraft using London City are small jets and turboprop machines. The bigger ERJ 190 was awarded its license in 2010 after its software had been modified to handle the steep approach. A few other design modifications were also necessary and pilots had to pass training courses for landing in London City.